Cosmetic Treatments

A beautiful smile designed only for you

From color to shape to bite, your teeth are as unique as you are. We assess your teeth thorougly and only move forward with cosmetic treatments that are in the best interest of your long-term oral health. Each procedure involves meticulous attention to detail and takes shape in our boutique dental labs.

Prosthodontists of Texas offers highly specialized cosmetic treatments for our patients.


Porcelain veneers can be a beautiful option to repair discoloration and damage, but they aren’t for everyone. We take great care to ensure that veneers are the right fit for each individual, and our process involves creating a prototype so patients can experience the end result before committing to the process.


With days of video calls and endless selfie opportunities with your grandkids, your smile is in the spotlight. You can dial up the brightness or correct blemishes and discoloration with our in-office or take-home whitening treatment. In as little as a weekend, you can lighten your teeth several shades and smile with confidence all week long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both veneers and crowns are used to restore teeth, but they are very different. Veneers are thinner than crowns and only cover the front part of your tooth. Also, veneers are used to beautify teeth, while crows are used to restore and protect decaying teeth.

The results vary by individual and have a lot to do with what shade your teeth are naturally. However, following the in-office procedure and take-home touch-ups you will notice significant lightening and brightening of your teeth.