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“I arrived at Prosthodontics of Texas with an implant that was very difficult. At a different office I was told that it would not be possible for the final crown to turn out well. However, at the office of Dr. Snober, they provided me with great service and they did excellent work. I am very pleased with the results. I would absolutely recommend their services to others.”
“I had breast cancer twice, each time I was treated by radiation that greatly affected my gums and teeth. I consulted with a couple of periodontists, each told me that my best option is to consider All-on-4. Since this was a life-changing decision, both financially and surgically, I needed to pick the best prosthodontist…”

“Hats off to Amanda! She walked me through every single appointment needed for my daughter’s implant. Very patient and willing to accommodate out-of-town travel issues. They make it so easy to understand the process and get the smile you deserve.”

“I have no words to describe how WONDERFUL my experience has been at Prosthodontics Texas with Dr. Bashar Snober and his outstanding staff! From day one, everyone at the office greeted me with kindness, authenticity, and with a deep desire to provide the best possible service and experience…”

Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on your unique situation, but removing a front tooth and replacing it with a temporary tooth (crown) the same day is very common and often recommended.

Yes, please. Just like your natural teeth, dental implants need routine care and maintenance to prevent disease and correct any issues that arise.
Fitting a crown requires at least two visits to our office. On the first visit, we treat the damaged tooth and fit it with a temporary crown. On the next visit, we remove the temporary crown, fit and adjust the final crown, and fix it in place with adhesives.