Functional, beautiful teeth designed only for you

Specialists in All-on-4® treatments

Prosthodontists are the only dental specialist trained to engineer both the function and form of dental implants. Through the All-on-4® treatment, we provide our patients:

  • Ideal bite, positioning, and durability
  • Collaborative fittings driven by your feedback
  • Adjustments made by our lab expert
  • Full-service treatment plan (with referral support)

All-on-4® treatment or dentures?

Whether you go with fixed implants through All-on-4® treatment or dentures, getting a set of new teeth is an important decision that will affect your health and wellbeing for decades. We work with each patient individually, educating them on their options and providing our recommendations. Here’s what you can expect from either procedure:

All-on-4® treatment

  • Permanent teeth anchored in your jawbone
  • Bite and position refined with surgical accuracy
  • Stable and secured with four titanium posts
  • Brush and clean similar to natural teeth
  • Made of high-quality biocompatible materials


  • Non-surgical option for replacement
  • Full or partial options
  • Removable set of teeth
  • Require daily removal and cleaning
  • Made of high-quality biocompatible materials

Getting All-on-4® treatment

We provide comprehensive All-on-4® treatment plans that guide patients through the process seamlessly.



We start with extensive diagnostic tests to determine if you’re a good candidate for All-on-4® treatment and coordinate with other specialists when needed.


Surgery & New Smile

In one day, you undergo surgery, a temporary set of teeth (customized in our lab) are attached, and you walk out with new teeth. We check in with you after surgery to ensure you’re healing well and that your temporary teeth feel comfortable.



After four months of implant placement, we take impressions to work on your final set of teeth, making necessary adjustments to ensure the most precise fit possible.



Through a collaborative feedback process, you try your new long-term teeth and we customize them on-site to your specific needs.


Final Teeth

Your final, zirconia teeth are attached to the titanium posts in your mouth, allowing you to flash a brand new smile that’s a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

Healthier Smiles

From living without pain to flashing a healthy smile, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our patient’s transitions. You look great!

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