A smile as unique as you

Long-term oral health and wellbeing

Dentures are a full-mouth reconstruction treatment that can lead to vast improvements in your oral health. Prosthodontists are trained specifically in molding and shaping dentures to the exact shape of your mouth structure. We reconstruct your teeth through a process that includes:

  • Adjustments made by our on-site lab specialist
  • State-of-the-art processing equipment
  • Individual customization (no “stock smile” designs)

Dentures or All-on-4® treatment?

If you’re in need of full mouth reconstruction, you have options. Based on the state of your oral health and your goals for the procedure, a full set of dentures or the All-on-4® treatment may both be viable treatments for you. Our prosthodontists will talk you through the procedures at length and give you their recommendation. Here’s what you can expect from either procedure:


  • Non-surgical option for replacement
  • Full or partial options
  • Removable set of teeth
  • Require daily removal and cleaning
  • Made of high-quality biocompatible materials

All-on-4® treatment

  • Permanent teeth anchored in your jawbone
  • Bite and position refined with surgical accuracy
  • Stable and secured with four titanium posts
  • Brush and clean similar to natural teeth
  • Made of high-quality biocompatible materials

Getting full or partial dentures

Take back your oral health with finely constructed dentures tailored to you.



We perform extensive diagnostic tests to determine if you’re a good candidate for dentures and the best options for your treatment.


Take Impressions

We take impressions of your mouth, so that we can create a set of dentures that fit your face and mouth and offer full functionality (biting, chewing, speaking, and more).


Custom Fitting

You come in and try out your new dentures, providing feedback that our lab tech uses to customize your final dentures in our lab.


Final Delivery

After your dentures have been fine-tuned to your needs, we give them to you along with detailed instructions for wear and care.

Frequently asked questions

Will my complete dentures look natural?


Will I be able to chew the same way I do with my natural teeth?


How long will my complete dentures last?